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2024 interim results

XP Power Limited will report its 2024 Interim Results on Tuesday 6 August.

A results presentation will be hosted by CEO, Gavin Griggs and CFO, Matt Webb and will commence at 10:30am (UK Time) on the day.

A live audio stream of the meeting will be accessible on the day via the following link: 2024 Interim Results Webcast

Power converters are vital

Power converters are key components for ensuring reliable and efficient power in all types of electrical and electronic equipment and processes. They transform relatively high voltage alternating current from the mains supply into stable low voltages, high voltages and radio frequency, which provide a number of other safety-critical roles.

Leading the way on sustainability

We’ve set ourselves the ambition of becoming the industry leader on environmental and social matters. We also recognise that sustainability is an ongoing journey. We know that we will only be able to make real, necessary change if we set ourselves clear targets that can be tracked against measurable, on-the-ground actions.

Our purpose drives us forward

Our products are largely hidden inside our customer's products. But without power supply solutions, the equipment and processes that are changing the way the world works and lives would be unable to function. And that’s a tremendous inspiration for our people all over the world.

It challenges us to keep building on the quality we’re known for and add value wherever we can – not only for our customers, but for all of the stakeholders and the communities we interact with globally.

We aspire to provide the most versatile, reliable power solutions in our industry and to make a positive impact on the world. For us, growing sustainably makes good sense, for our business and for the planet.
Gavin Griggs CEO

Our values are ingrained in our products and services



Customer focus



It’s our people that set us apart

Across 40 global locations on three continents, our colleagues come together to help change the way the world manages its power. We collaborate as a team, grow as individuals and strive to make a positive impact for our customers, each other and the wider world.